Birthday and Favorite Things:

Title: 1st Grade Teacher

Birthday: January 4

Favorite Snacks and Treats: Chocolate, pretzels, fruit, cheese & crackers, homemade cookies.

Any allergies? No food allergies.

Favorite Drinks: Coffee- (Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha w. skim milk), Hot Tea, Iced Tea (half sweet/half unsweet)

Favorite Authors and/or Book Genres: I LOVE to read! Biographies, humor, and fiction. (vague, I know!)

Favorite Restaurants: Mod Pizza, Mission BBQ, Panera, Chik-fil-A.

Favorite TV Shows, Movies, and/or Theaters: Regal Theaters

Favorite Stores: Target, Kohls, Michael's.

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Visiting Wineries.

Other Ideas: