Raise Craze Acts of Kindness

Remember to log every Act of Kindness (AOK) you complete in your Acts of Kindness tracker!

To get to your Acts of Kindness Tracker go to your Raise Craze Dashboard, scroll down the page until you see the bucket, then click on “Edit AOKs.”

We’ve divided the Acts of Kindness for Bristow Run Elementary into five categories:

For Our Community

Donate one or more items to the BRES food drive for the Haymarket Food Pantry

Donate one or more items to the BRES supplies drive for SERVE

Make a pet toy or gather old towels to donate to a local animal shelter

Make a thank you sign for your trash collectors and tape it to your trash or recycling bin

Organize a group of friends to visit a nursing home and spend time with the residents

Run a lemonade or cookie stand for an afternoon to raise money for your favorite charity

Stop by the Operation Gratitude station at the Block Party to write a letter to the troops

Take healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables to the local fire station or police station

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for your mail carrier and put it in your mailbox

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for your scout leader, coach, or other similar leader

Write a thank you note to a business that donated a Raise Craze incentive you earned

For Our School

Ask your teacher what extra supplies he or she could use for your classroom and bring them in

Be sure your lunch space is completely cleared, from floor to table, when lunch is over

Give a Big Hearted Award to teacher or other BRES staff member who's done something nice for you

Help get your classroom or other space ready for the next class after your encore time is over

Help put your class's playground equipment away after recess

Make some bookmarks to share with other students when they need one

Paint a Kindness Rock and bring it to school to be added to the school garden

Stop by the Kind Hands station at the Block Party to make a kindness hand for Movie Night

Surprise your teacher with something off of his or her Favorite Things list

Tell Mrs. Jeck or Mrs. Ball something you love about your teacher

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for your teacher

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for a staff member who's not your teacher

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for the custodial staff

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for the lunchroom staff

Write a thank you note or draw a picture for your bus driver or crossing guard

For Your Friends

Give a Big Hearted Award to a friend who's done something nice for you

Give a friend a compliment

Give a silent wave or smile while walking in the hallway

Give a student you don't know a compliment

Go to a friend's sports game or other event to cheer them on

Help a friend before they ask for help

Hold the door open for someone

Invite someone who is standing alone at recess to play

Make a blank gratitude journal and give it to a friend, with a note that you're grateful for them

Make a friendship bracelet and give it to a friend

Make it a point to get to know three students who aren't already your friends

Push in someone else's chair if they forget to do it themselves

Recommend a favorite book or movie to a friend

Say "Good morning!" to the first three people you see in the morning at school

Sit with a person you don't normally sit with at lunch

Teach someone something new

Tell a friend a joke during recess or lunch

Write somebody a kind note and put it in their cubby at school

For Your Neighborhood

Add a book to a Little Free Library

Learn to say Hello in a few languages you don't already know

Leave unused coupons next to corresponding products at the grocery store

Meet your friends for a cleanup hour in a park or in your neighborhood's common grounds

Next time you eat at a restaurant, write a thank you note to your server on a napkin

Paint a Kindness Rock and hide it in your neighborhood for others to find

Plant something in your yard or garden

Put out seeds and water for the wild birds

Rake the leaves in your neighbors' yard (ask them if it's OK first)

Say hello to a neighbor you know when you see them outside

Surprise a neighbor with a bunch of pretty flowers or a potted plant

Surprise a neighbor with a plate of freshly baked cookies

Tape some coins to a vending machine

Tell the manager at a store or restaurant you visit about a particularly helpful employee

Tell someone who's outside exercising that they're doing a great job

Use chalk to write kind messages on the sidewalk or playground at the park

With a grownup's help, return your cart to the store or cart corral at the supermarket

For Your Family

Ask about a family member's day, then really listen to what they tell you

Be kind to yourself! Remind yourself every day of something great about you!

Call a relative or family friend who's not a parent just to say hello

Clean your room without being asked

Help bring in the groceries or other items after a shopping trip

Help cook dinner

Help wash the dishes after dinner

Help with washing, folding, or putting away the laundry (or help with all three!)

Hide a kind note in a family member's handbag, briefcase, wallet, backpack, or lunchbag

Let someone else choose what to watch on TV

Make FREE HUG coupons and give them to family members

Make someone else's bed

No complaining at bedtime

Plan a small surprise party for a parent or sibling just to show them you love them

Post inspirational sticky notes around your home

Read a book to or with someone in your family

Set the table for dinner

Spend time playing with your pet, brother, sister, or other family member

Surprise a family member by mailing them a card or note just to say hi

Turn off the lights when you leave a room to conserve energy

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth to conserve water

Use a dry erase marker to write a kind message on the bathroom mirror for a family member

When you're finished with your chores, ask for one more and complete it cheerfully

Write a gratitude list at the end of the day for at least three days in a row (or keep doing it!)

Write kind notes for your siblings and parents telling them how much they mean to you