Raise Craze

September 17, 2018 — October 5, 2018

About Raise Craze

Raise Craze is Fundraising through Kindness.

During Raise Craze our students, with their parents’ help, will be asking friends and family to donate money to the Bristow Run PTO. That sounds pretty typical, right? Here’s where things get different:

To recognize the generosity our donors are showing by sharing their resources with our school, our students will be paying it forward throughout our community by performing Acts of Kindness! We’ve compiled a list of 85 different things our students can do for their community, their school, their friends, their neighborhoods, and their families, and we’re going to spend three weeks doing as many of them as we possibly can. We’re excited about finding out just how much we can do when we all work together to spread kindness!

What’s even more exciting is that businesses in our community are so excited about our kindness blitz that they wanted to get into the act too! To thank our school community for sharing all that goodness, they’ve donated some fun experiences your students can earn for logging Acts of Kindness! So the kindness just grows and grows and grows… How awesome is that?

kindness like confetti.jpg
lego wall.jpg

Our School Goals

During Raise Craze we’re raising money for three specific things:

  • Our Panther Grants program, which makes financial grants available to teachers for special projects throughout the school year. And to kick off this year’s grants program, we’ll be taking 10% of our Raise Craze earnings and dividing it evenly among all of our teachers!

  • Upgrades to our Maker Space

  • A brand new LEGO wall in the school library

Our school’s goal is to raise $20,000 in three weeks, and we get to keep 90% or more of every donation given! We’re pretty sure we can meet that $20,000 goal, and we’re hoping we might even blast right through our goal and earn a lot more.